FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Digital Innovation Initiatives Against COVID-19”?

It is a governmental initiative that aims to identify, select, and eventually use the best technological solutions that can be immediately implemented, scaled and exploited to support the citizens, the country and in particular the National Health System.

What initiatives does it support?

It supports all the initiatives in the Greek society that mobilize creative minds, in order to showcase mature and ready to use solutions to the problems and issues that the pandemic creates.

What does “mature and immediate solutions” mean?

  • Ready to use solutions for direct implementation and results
  • Documented propositions of available effective alternative solutions implementable by already established infrastructures.

Who can contribute?

  • Professionals from the fields related to Health, Medicine and Informatics
  • Scientists and Engineers
  • Programmers and Executive Officers
  • Innovative Enterprises
  • Mentors, Supporters

What is a hackathon?

An international challenge, such as the current one, requires international solutions, usually with an “out of the box” mindset, which will originate from the collaboration of a great number of people with different skills. Hackathons are innovation competitions, during which , interdisciplinary teams try to offer new solutions to current problems. The “Digital Innovation Initiatives Against COVID-19” aims to enable the brightest minds within the country, so as tο effectively manage important challenges following the pandemic due to COVID-19.

What should I expect?

The Digital Innovation Initiatives Against COVID-19 gives you the ability to see your proposals become a real solution. You will have the great chance to work with your team from the comfort of your own home to achieve an instantly applicable result and see your efforts finally have a real impact. It is not required for the product or the solution you’ll propose to be completed in order to participate, while there will be experts and mentors at your disposal for any help, during the hackathon.

Who can participate?

The Challenge is open to everyone and -of course- free. We’re looking forward to collaborating with programmers, designers, health professionals, doctors, inventors, as well as anyone who strongly wishes to help – previous knowledge in Hackathons is not a prerequisite.

You could register either in person (we will help you join a work group) or bring along your partners and create your own team. Every team has to have a leader and can have as many as 10 members. The organizers reserve the right to exclude either participants or winners who violate the code of conduct.

If I don’t know coding, may I participate?

Of course! Most important is to be interested in technology and health care.